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High Security at IPY in MontrealThe security at the IPY 2012 conference is very high, especially today. the last few days have been underlain by protesters here in downtown Montreal.

The students are protesting the decision of the government of Québec to raise the tuition fees. The fees will rise of 500 Canadian dollars for the next five years.

Around 100 people have been arrested in the protest which has seen the police using teargas to distribute protesters.

Arctic Portal has learned that the Quebec government has been raising taxes, especially on both the health care system and now education. Together they are around 70% of the income of the government.

The government wants to ensure the quality of the education system and therefore it feels the need to raise the tuition fees.

There are many security guards around the conference, searching bags and ensuring everything is safe. There were great concerns of protesters smuggling in the conference rooms to protest Jean Cherast, the Premier of Québec.

The tensions in the conference room were high but no protest was carried it whilst Cherast made his speech.