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Danish presidency for the Council of European Union started in January 2012. It is the seventh time Denmark organizes and leads the work of the Council of Ministers.

Majority of Danish efforts has been put into maritime issues, including the maritime issues around the Arctic. Denmark is one of the Arctic states and the key player in Arctic maritime shipping industry.

Yesterday, Danish representatives did reach the agreement on a stronger European Safety Agency. The purpose of the Agreement is to ensure that the Agency is able to carry out its tasks in relation to maritime safety and the maritime environment is a better and more efficient manner.

The negotiations on the new European Maritime Safety Agency have been led by Denmark since the beginning of its EU Presidency. The EMSA has existed for ten years and it was decided that the current marine development bring the need to strengthen it structure both on European and international level.

The political agreement will be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council.

Source: European Maritime Safety Agency