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vanna tromsoHigh gold prices have led to extensive search for the material. In northern Norway a new gold discovery could become very valuable, but the expedition not only found gold.

In Vanna in Tromso, Norway, industrial chemicals were newly found; one of them is Thorium, a rare earth element.

Thorium is a natural radioactive chemical element which countries plan to use for their nuclear power for various reasons, including its safety benefits, its high absolute abundance and relative abundance compared to uranium.

It was discovered in 1828 and named after Thor, the god of thunder.

Other material includes copper, platinum, nickel, zinc, lead and especially gold.

Airplanes and helicopters were used for the studies the found was confirmed with further studies.

Although the discovery has been made, there is no confirmation as of yet if production in the area will begin. Despite a lot of interest in the area, the amount still has to be calculated more accurately, the availability, distance to markets, capital, environmental, local interests, and many more will have to be taken into consideration first.

Source: Aftenposten