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yamal_oilRussia’s infrastructure has been criticized when comes to oil issues in the Arctic. Now the Emergency minister Sergei Shoigu says that the country will respond to this and develop environmental protection infrastructure as soon as possible.

"There [in the Arctic] we will need navigation safety projects and bases to deal with all kinds of tasks: from fuelling and navigation to communication systems and rescue. We must also set up centers to deal with - God forbid - oil spills," Shoigu said at a news conference ahead of an international forum to discuss problems of the Arctic in Arkhangelsk next week. This year, the forum will focus on transport issues.

The Russian emergencies minister said the next year's forum should focus on environmental safety of hydrocarbon extraction and transportation in the Arctic.

"In our opinion, safety issues during hydrocarbon extraction and transportation deserve to be the main topic of a separate forum. We will propose it for the next year, as we are convinced that this problem becomes a real threat when ignored," the minister said.