Polar panorama project

The European Union's Horizon 2020 project, PolarRES, is dedicated to exploring future polar climates. It focuses on studying the interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, and sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

The project's goal is to enhance our understanding of the interconnected nature and feedback mechanisms of polar processes and their impacts on regional and global scales. By analyzing these processes and interactions, PolarRES aims to improve the reliability of climate projections for the Polar Regions and assess their implications for society and the environment.

Changing Polar Regions - Share your Insights in the PolarPanorama!

The polar regions are changing – how much and in which diverse ways are made visible in the PolarPanorama gallery.

The aim of the project is to go beyond the scientific perspective and collect impressions of the polar regions and their changes from society. Help them raise awareness and make the changes in the polar regions more tangible.

Contribute your insights to the PolarPanorama to bring the vulnerability and the need to protect our planet’s unique polar regions closer to everyone, who does not have the opportunity to experience them first-hand.

Anyone, who has lived, worked or travelled in the polar regions (or regions in proximity to the polar circles, like northern Norway, Finland, Canada etc.), is invited to share their observations using different types of media, such as images, videos, drawings or in writing. The project wants to give non-scientists a voice and a chance to share their personal experiences.

Curious? The project has already received several exciting contributions: See here!

Join them! Visit their project website to find out more and participate!

The project is an initiative launched within the research project PolarRES – Exploring future polar climates.

Source: PolarRES


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