ArcticArtandCulture2023 DECThe Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, in cooperation with the Northern Forum, proudly presents the newest edition of the Journal Arctic Art & Culture, titled "The Art History Department."

This comprehensive science review includes materials about educational, research, scientific, and practical activities undertaken by the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts and its partners in the Northern Forum regions. The collective efforts showcased in the journal contribute significantly to shaping the modern artistic landscape of the North and the Arctic.

The journal covers a wide array of topics, with a special focus on the Arctic Cultural and Spiritual Environment, exploring the musical folklore of the Arctic Peoples. Notable features include insights into The ASICA Museum, which houses North Asia's Peoples' musical instruments as part of the "North is a Sustainable Development Territory" project.

Within the pages of the journal, readers will discover an exploration of the art exhibition titled "Aleksey Yevstafyev's Graphics Element," offering a unique perspective on artistic expression in the region. Furthermore, the journal sheds light on ongoing projects such as the development of a catalogue for the Museum of the World Peoples' Khomus (the 2nd volume) and the ASICA Partners initiative, presenting Russia as a sound universe.

The Art History project, "The Priority 2030," is also highlighted, emphasizing the commitment to shaping the future narrative of art and culture in the Arctic. The Northern Forum Image section introduces Vera Ivanovna Kondratyeva, the Goodwill Ambassador of the Northern Forum, known as the Fire Spirit.

Celebrating collaborative achievements, the journal features a section dedicated to the Partner's Jubilee, showcasing the vibrant palette of international humanitarian cooperation. The northern landscapes, a significant source of inspiration, are intricately woven into the cultural news section, spotlighting the premiere of "The Song of a Flying Arrow." This production, based on three peoples' epics, recently captivated audiences at the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts.

"The Art History Department" issue is published in four languages English, Russian, Chinese and French and serves as a testament to the rich tapestry of art and culture flourishing in the Arctic, symbolizing the ongoing commitment to preserving, promoting, and advancing the unique heritage of the region.

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Source: “The Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts” (the ASICA)

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