COP28 2As the UN climate change conference, COP28, commences today, November 30, and unfolds until December 12, it gains heightened significance against the backdrop of escalated global temperatures and the pervasive impact of extreme weather events worldwide.

This conference emerges as a pivotal juncture to recalibrate our trajectory and expedite efforts in addressing the climate crisis. It serves as a critical forum for the international community to evaluate advancements under the Paris Agreement, a groundbreaking climate accord established in 2015, and strategize an impactful course of action aimed at significantly curbing emissions while safeguarding lives and livelihoods.

The scientific consensus is unequivocal: for the sake of a sustainable climate, the production of coal, oil, and gas must undergo a rapid decline, accompanied by a tripling of global renewable power capacity by 2030. This necessitates a substantial amplification of financing for adaptation initiatives and increased investments in climate resilience.

COP28 1COP28 stands as a convergence point for leaders representing governments, businesses, NGOs, and civil society. Together, they aim to devise tangible solutions to the paramount challenge of our era, collectively steering toward a sustainable and resilient future.

Source: United Nations - photo: Arctic 



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