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Air Greenland jet

According to an announcement from Air Greenland a strike is in the air on Sunday, 9th of January due to wage dispute of pilots of the company.

Negotiations of the two parties have stranded which may affect over 1000 passengers that have scheduled flight with Air Greenland. The director of Air Greenland has announced that wage increase is not an option since the company cannot endure any wage increase due to increasing competition in the market. Last year, revenue of the company reduced which is one of the reasons that the company cannot meet the demands of the Air Greenland pilots. Air Greenland is owned by the Greenlandic Home Rule, Scandinavian Airlines and the Danish state. The company owns 37 aircrafts, thereof 26 helicopters. Michael Binzer, director of Air Greenland states that the air company has made plans to take care of all emergency flights that might be affected due to the strike. A mediator has been brought into the negotiations, which have been paused and will be brought up again. It is hoped by the Air Greenland officials that the strike will not be enforced