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Icelandic whaling boats

A website has been launched where tourists are encouraged to boycott Iceland as their vacation destination due to the country's whaling policy.

Iceland is among other nations, such as Canada, Norway, Japan and the United States that carry out whaling. The website "" maintains that Iceland is whaling endangered species. The misunderstanding might arrive from the hunt of fin whales in Icelandic and adjacent waters. According to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) fin whales are endangered in the Southern Hemisphere but not in the North Atlantic Ocean. Assessments of the population status in the central North Atlantic and off West Greenland have shown populations to be in a healthy state.

The aim of the group behind the website, is to damage Icelandic economy by appealing to the public not to visit the country and therefore try to undermine its tourism. It is stated in the website that Iceland is a small country where the economy is small and dependent on few large industries, such as tourism. Icelandic economy is similar to other small economies within the Arctic region, being dependent on natural resources and increasingly on tourism. Actions based in many occasions on emotions, as mentioned at the website, could therefore have severe consequences to economies such as Iceland.

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