4th Arctic Science Ministerial

In accordance with the plan to implement the program of Russia's Chairmanship in the Arctic Council the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be holding a Fourth Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM4) in St. Petersburg on 14-15 April 2023.

On the first day the Ministerial events will take place in the historic building of the Smolny Institute, which is currently the official residence of the St. Petersburg Governor. The participants will be given a report on ASM's work over the past two years and there will be a transfer of authority from ASM4 (Russia) to ASM5 (Norway).

In preparation for the Ministerial, the data on the current Arctic research has been consolidated and the results of the scientific work in the Arctic compiled. ASM4's second will be held on board of the legendary icebreaker "Krasin", where heads of regional field-specific agencies, scientific and educational organizations will meet to talk about the results of their work and share their experiences.

The Arctic Science Ministerial is taking place under the program of Russia's Chairmanship in the Arctic Council (2021-23). The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education acts as coordinator of ASM activities during the Russian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (St. Petersburg) acts as co-executor.

Russian ASM coordination focused on important topics of sustainable Arctic development:

  • improved living conditions of the population of the Arctic region,
  • environmental issues,
  • adaptation to climate change in high latitudes,
  • biodiversity conservation,
  • the economic development of the Arctic, as well as the growth of tourism and trade.

That is why the main agenda of the Fourth Arctic Science Ministerial is to find solutions for sustainable regional economic development, international cooperation and integration, and the relevance and timeliness of scientific measures in the Arctic.

The event will be broadcasted and made available online.

ASM4 agenda

Administrative circular


Link to the online broadcasting:

The first day: https://iva.sats.spb.ru/id/292082779

The second day: https://telemost.yandex.ru/j/37470116452373

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