International Traditional Reindeer Herding Championship

The first ever International Traditional reindeer herding championship was held in Neryungri and Iengra, Sakha, in March 2023 with reindeer herding participants from all over Russia as well as from Mongolia, China and Greenland.

 The Championship was being held as part of the Plan of the Main Events of the Russian Federation’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023 in order to ensure the Arctic Council’s role as a key regional association that coordinates international activities in the region and also strengthen good neighborly relations with the Arctic states on a bilateral basis and within the framework of multilateral regional cooperation formats.

Events of the Championship included:

  1. The Championship of Professional Skills in Northern Trades: - Reindeer herder; - Lady of the chum; - Operation and maintenance of an off-road motor vehicle.
  2. Competitions: - Men’s 3 km reindeer sleigh race; - Northern biathlon among men and women (northern triple jump and sleigh jump); - Roping; - Reindeer catching; - Medley relay: race with poles on spatula skis.
  3. Conference in  the format of discussion platforms on topical issues concerning the development of reindeer herding

The beautiful videos display the games and the exceptional indigenous reindeer people participating and then one dedicated to their sturdy reindeer!

Videos produced by the Ethnic Centre of Iengra and the Arctic Portal.

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