ASSW 2023

Arctic Science Summit Week - ASSW 2023 is being held in Vienna, Austria from 17 - 24 February 2023 and includes

  • ASSW 2023 Business and Community Meetings (17 - 24 February 2023) includes annual meetings, workshops and other events of several Arctic organisations and projects. The entire Arctic community is encouraged to use ASSW as a venue for bringing together their organisations, collaborations, and teams. The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) was initiated by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) in 1999 to provide opportunities for coordination, cooperation and collaboration between the various scientific organisations involved in Arctic research and to economise on travel and time. ASSW is now an annual venue for meetings of Arctic organisations, scientific collaborations, and more. ASSW organizsers provide the logistical support and your meeting attendees only have to register for ASSW2023 and show up. As ASSW 2023 will be organised as a hybrid conference, both opportunities for in-person and online meetings will be offered during the conference. While the main call for meetings is closed now, we still accept late submissions via this form as long as room space is still available.
  • ASSW 2023 Science Symposium: The Arctic in the Anthropocene (21 - 24 February 2023) Never before has the Arctic experienced such a high pressure by human impact either by local environmental disturbances or by global climate change leading to long-term changes and massive challenges to the resistance and resilience of polar ecological systems and Arctic societies. “The Arctic in the Anthropocene” is a quite appropriate theme to focus on the increasing pressure of high latitudes. Several sessions offer space to shed light on short- and long-term changes, respectively, on human, terrestrial, aquatic or aerial systems. Despite the focus on the Arctic, contribution on the Antarctic, aiming at fostering networking and advances on research on both poles, are accepted and appreciated.

About ASSW

The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) is organized annually by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) to provide opportunities for coordination, cooperation and collaboration between the various scientific organizations involved in Arctic research. It was initiated by the IASC in 1999 and has evolved into the most important annual gathering of the Arctic research organization.

The Business and Community Meetings includes annual meetings of the participating organizations:

In addition, other organizations and projects regularly hold workshops and project meetings at ASSW.

In odd number years, the ASSW also includes a Science Symposium. These symposia create a platform for exchanging knowledge, cross fertilization and collaboration and attract scientists, students, policy makers and other professionals from all over the world.

In even number years the ASSW includes the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS), a high-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and long-term operation of Arctic observing systems.

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