Northern Sustainable Development Forum

Northern Sustainable Development Forum (the Forum) is a permanent international expert platform, established in 2019 for discussing the challenges and prospects of sustainable development of the Arctic and the North.

The main idea of the Forum is to join global creative forces in solving the problems of sustainable development of the Northern and Arctic regions.

In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that included 17 Sustainable Development Goals and which implementation should involve not only governments but also transnational companies, charity foundations, community, NGOs and academia worldwide.

Currently, the concept of sustainable development has become central to the Arctic and northern regions – it’s a global challenge requiring comprehensive international cooperation. On the one hand, the exploration of the Arctic region can become promising in the future. On the other hand, the Arctic has a fragile ecosystem, which should be taken care of now not only by the circumpolar countries, but also by the non-Arctic ones, interested in the region’s development.

In 2022 the Forum is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of establishment of Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic.

Dates: September 27-30, 2022

Location: Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation

Organizers of the Forum:

  • International Organization of Northern Regions The Northern Forum
  • Government of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
  • Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University

Operator of the Forum: Yakutia Congress Center

Main Theme of the Forum - 2022:


Climate change, reduction of ice sheet and shifted freeze-up dates in the Arctic Ocean open up a lot of opportunities not only for the development of the previously inaccessible hydrocarbon deposits in the sea, but also for the active development of terrestrial territories. The issues of energy supply for the existing and planned settlements, industrial, transport and other facilities of an extensive infrastructure network are of greatest importance for ensuring the territories’ sustainable development. At the same time, special emphasis will be placed on clean energy, widespread use of renewable sources, sustainable mining, responsible approach of business to preserving and restoring the natural ecosystems, as well as support for traditional nature use and careful attitude to the cultural heritage and traditions of indigenous peoples.

Currently, the ideas of society, business, and state ESG-transformation in the context of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals are being actively promoted and are supported.

The 2022 Forum will discuss the following issues: What types of energy will be most in demand in the Arctic? How to ensure and increase the resilience of the Arctic? How to save the energy of people and attract young people to the Arctic? What should ESG transformation in the Arctic be like, how realistic are the forecasts for the Arctic? Is successful transformation possible in a single company or region, or is it better to combine efforts? What partnerships are possible in the context of the global remaking in the world order for progressive movement towards the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic?


The official website of the Northern Sustainable Development Forum is


The Forum will be a hybrid event (offline/online).

Visit the NSDF website’s News and Home pages for updates.

Simultaneous Russian-English interpreting is provided.

Formats of the Forum’s events:

  • plenary session,
  • research and practice conferences,
  • thematic sections, roundtables, panel discussions,
  • events of international or other organizations,
  • intercountry dialogues,
  • project presentations,
  • lectures, foresight-sessions, master classes,
  • displays,
  • events of the Northern Youth Forum.

Architecture of the Forum

The Forum’s architecture will include 5 theme blocks

  • Plenary Session | Energy of the Arctic: New Challenges – New Solutions and Technologies
  • Energy of the Arctic: New Challenges – New Solutions and Technologies
  • Human in the Arctic
  • Global Partnership for Sustainable Development of the Arctic and the North
  • The Northern Forum: Regional Voice in the International Agenda
  • Northern Youth Forum
  • Exhibitions, Displays

The Forum’s agenda will be posted on the website after August 15 after the Organizing Committee has approved the proposals on arranging the events within the Forum.


Program NSDF

Proposing the Events

The applications for the events can be submitted on the Forum’s official website. The events have to address the main theme or the themes of the main blocks.

The organizers shall be responsible for making the agenda, the lists of speakers and participants, and for collecting the materials.

The organizers of the events shall coordinate their activities with the main organizers of the Forum in terms of the events’ agenda and with the Forum’s Operator in terms of technical arrangements and logistics.

The Operator of the Forum shall identify the venues and arrange the required equipment and simultaneous interpreting (as required).

Also, the Operator of the Forum shall arrange the registration of participants, centralized booking of accommodation and be responsible for transportation.

The Organizing Committee shall have the right to select events to the Forum’s agenda.

Terms of Participation

Starting this year, all participants mus pay a registration fee

For school students, students and postgraduate students, the participation in the Forum is free.

Registration fee

Personal attendance

The registration fee is USD 93.09; it includes handout materials, transfers from and to the airport, coffee breaks and sightseeing.

Online participation

The registration fee for the Russian Federation nationals is RUB 1000.

The registration fee for other countries’ nationals is USD 53.85.

The registration fee payment procedure

The registration fees in RUB can be paid to the account of the Northern Forum Academy, on whose basis the Northern Forum Secretariat operates.

The registration fees in USD, payments are via paypal, click here to register and complete the payment.

In case of any issues with your registration or payment contact

The registration fees from those attending personally can be paid in cash at the Northern Forum Secretariat.

The bank details of the Northern Forum Academy for payment in Russian RUB are given in the registration area of the website.


All participants of the Forum shall register on the official website by filling in an online form.

On venue and/or online non-Russian participants must register and pay through the online payment form - online registered participants will receive their login information to the registered e-mail address prior to the start of the event.

The registration is open until the Forum’s closing.

The deadline for forming agenda, list of speakers by organizers of approved events – September 15.

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