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Every day is Earth Day. But today in particular, it’s an important reminder of the alarm call from the Arctic.

Every day, the Arctic sends us a fresh warning of the damage we are causing to this vulnerable region, its ecosystems and its people: melting sea ice, unseasonal wildfires, Indigenous communities displaced. But what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there. Changes in the region have global consequences, from rising sea levels to extreme weather events.

Every day, we remind ourselves that climate change is real, and the consequences are already being felt around the world. Cities are already facing floods, droughts, cold spells and heatwaves. Sea levels are rising faster than they have in over 3,000 years. Economies are in recession. Communities are facing food and water shortages.

We must unite behind the science and encourage world leaders to take climate action.

Arctic Portal is part of the Arctic Risk Platform, which will be presented at this year’s World Economic Forum annual meeting that takes place in Davos Switzerland in May 2022

Source: Arctic Basecamp, Arctic Portal