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Lassi Heininen

In a recently published article in the Arctic Circle Journal, THE GLOBAL-ARCTIC MISSION COUNCIL, Lassi Heininen, Professor Emeritus, Editor of the Arctic Yearbook, Chair, Arctic Circle Mission Council on the GlobalArctic writes on the ‘Global Arctic’, a research approach initiated by the GlobalArctic Project in 2014, one of the perspectives and discourses on the Arctic.

In the article professor Heininen states that: In spite of rumors of increasing tension, the globalized Arctic is a region of geopolitical stability and constructive cooperation. This is based on the common interests of relevant stakeholders on environmental protection, sustainable development, and science and knowledge. Interestingly and most importantly, this constructed geopolitical reality is supported by the Arctic States, Arctic Indigenous peoples, Northernmost regions and civil societies, as well as non-Arctic states from Asia and Europe.

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Source: Arctic Circle Journal Map: Arctic Portal

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