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3rd ArcticScienceMinisterial

The 3rd international meeting of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation on Arctic research co-operation, organized in co-operation between Iceland and Japan, has been postponed due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. The meeting was to be held in Tokyo, Japan on 20-21 November 2020 but will instead take place on 8-9 May 2021.

"Meetings of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation are an important forum for sharing knowledge, discussing actions and, not least, prioritizing important projects. Strong co-operation is the key to success in light of our common challenges due to rapid climate change in the Arctic. The co-operation with Japan has been successful, but our common guiding light in this project is cooperation, participation, transparency and innovation, "says Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, Minister of Education and Culture.

In the preparation of the meeting, great emphasis is placed on mobilizing the scientific community and the people of the Arctic, in order to obtain the views and perspectives that can be used in formulating government policy and actions. The third introductory meeting of the Icelandic and Japanese governments on this subject took place recently with about ninety participants from 24 countries, two indigenous organizations and 11 research organizations and institutions.

You can learn more about the meeting and its preparation on the 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial website.

Source: Government of Iceland