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Live streaming from the side event Perceiving Arctic Change of 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial will begin today at 16:00 GMT (18:00 local time).

Panel discussion:

Climate, Society and Sustainability: the role of science and education

This panel unites leaders in Arctic research and education with indigenous personalities to discuss the important role that science and education play or should increasingly play to raise awareness about the challenges Arctic change represents and to provide sustainable solutions. While climate change offer news perspectives of development, it also threatens the fragile balance of ecosystems in the North. Exact knowledge about such change is vital to make decisions based on solid ground. To achieve this goal, we need more and more experts both in and outside the Arctic to produce and transfer such knowledge relying on holistic approaches that offer environmentally and socially responsible solutions to Arctic problems. A number of key questions will be raised in this context: how can we improve the access of indigenous Arctic societies to higher education? How can we adapt our curricula to provide culturally relevant courses for Arctic societies? What is the role of co-produced knowledge between scientists and indigenous experts? In which ways could citizen science produce new knowledge about the North? What role can science diplomacy play to enhance such efforts and to participate in the dissemination and possibly application of expert knowledge about the Arctic?

Prof Antje Boetius (Director of AWI); Prof Karin Lochte (Chair of scientific advisory board 2nd Arctic Ministerial); Per Rosing-Petersen (Member Greenland Parliament); Lars Kullerud (President of UArctic); Vyacheslav Shadrin (Chief of the Council of Yukaghir Elders)

Panel chaired by Grace Dobush (Handelsblatt Global)

Live-Stream of the event