5th CNARC symposium

The 5th China-Nordic Arctic Research Cooperation symposium and roundtable was held in the beautiful and prosporous city of Dalian in China on May 24 to 26 with important and high level delegates from China and the Nordic countries attending as well as from Canada, USA and Russia.

Held at Dalian University the symposium was composed of excellent presentations on the topic of Arctic shipping by professionals and scolars providing an exceptional venue for the exchange of knowledge and building friendships, highlighting the importance of international research cooperation for Arctic shipping to become successful and acceptable in a Global context.

The business roundtable included an opening remark from former Icelandic president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, setting the stage for good international discussions on Arctic business opportunites in relations to shipping, port cities and infrastructure based on best practise values.

The next CNARC symposium will be held in one years time in Tromsö, Norway.