Korean Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology KIMFT head officeUArctic and the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) are pleased to announce an opportunity for students from UArctic member institutions in Arctic States to participate in the 3rd Korea Arctic Academy in Korea - a 10 day study program in July 6-15, 2017 at KMI together with students from Korean universities.

The UArctic student group will be joined by 10 selected students from Korean universities. Participants will need to be available for the 10-day Program and consider their travel time to Korea.

The Program will include lectures on Arctic issues (4 to 5 days) given by Korean and international experts, and field trips (3 to 4 days) to Korean government related organizations, research institutions, and industrial sites.

A certificate of completion will be co-issued by UArctic and KMI to participants who successfully complete the program.

UArctic members from Arctic States ( UArctic member institutions from the Arctic Council member states: US, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark/Greenland/Faroe Islands) are called upon to nominate up to two students per member institution to participate in this program. Member institutions should take into consideration when making the nomination that indigenous students will be prioritized in the overall selection. More information for students can be found on UArctic website.