070118 healyLGACI’s 10th Arctic Shipping Summit will be taking place next week 8-9th March, 2017 in Montreal, Canada. Registration is Closing This Friday, 3rd March 2017.

The two day conference will consist of a number of informative presentations followed by interactive Q&A sessions, panel discussions and an open discussion to further involve the delegates. These talk will give a deep insight on the views shared from the different aspects of Arctic Shipping. The participants will explore and discuss current regulations and requirements from the IMO & the Coast Guard, deeply examine commercial aspects and the insurance challenges that are increasing ongoing, as well as this looking into training requirements and ship design options to help aid in the future of Arctic operations. The agenda can be found here

The conference will bring together various key industry stake-holders including ship-owners, ship-mangers & associated solution providers, fuel solutions, IT & data associations, consultants & technology providers.

For more information or registration, please send an email to or call +44 (0) 203 141 0606