Arctic cargoThe history on marine transportaion "Arctic Cargo", written by engineer Christopher Wright offers an indispensable guide to the ships that have been used, how they have been employed, the cargoes they have carried, and the routes they have taken in Canada's North.

The book - dedicated to "the many unknown and unnamed Inuit who helped discharge the ships bringing goods to Arctic posts, and then loaded those same ships with bales of fur returns" - closely focuses on the Arctic routes, building Canada's Arctic port, resource extraction and transoprtaion, whaling, Arctic communities, and other topics.

Christopher Wright is the former President of Mariport Group Ltd, a specialized marine and port consulting company that was formed in 1989. He has been involved in Arctic Shipping studies since 1973, and in 2013 he joined WorleyParsons Canada in a contract position as a Marine Logistics Specialist.

In his career, Wright has led teams that have produced a major report for Transport Canada Marine Policy on Arctic shipping, development, socio-economic conditions and other issues (the Canadian Arctic Shipping Assessment). He has also been involved in many other pan Arctic studies as well as the Mackenzie River for the public and private sector.