Co-Editors-in -Chief, APS , Prof. Huigen Yang(left), Prof. Ian Allison(right)Advances in Polar Science (APS) is a peer-reviewed English-language journal dedicated to the presentation of multi-disciplinary achievements in Arctic and Antarctic research. APS is a true open-access journal, funded by the Polar Research Institute of China. It has no publication fees and all articles are freely accessible on the web as soon as they are released, with an additional 500 printed copies distributed internationally. The journal is managed by an Editorial Board of both Chinese and international disciplinary editors.

Co-Editors-in -Chief, APS , Prof. Huigen Yang, Prof. Ian Allison

We are now soliciting papers on relevant polar research topics for APS Vol. 26 No. 4 to be published towards the end of 2015. APS accepts four types of manuscripts:
(1) Reviews: Summarizing results and achievements in a particular topic or an area, commenting on the current situation, and advising on research directions.
(2) Articles: Reporting important original results in any area of polar science.
(3) Letters: Briefly presenting novel and innovative findings related to polar science.
(4) Trends: Reporting important scientific news, information, and academic affairs, as well as major international programs in all areas of polar science.
We hope that you might consider submitting a paper to this issue which will have a quick review and publication time.

Submission of new manuscripts can be made online at and should follow the format given in the "Instructions" for authors at the journal website

We welcome your involvement in this and future editions of Advances in Polar Science. We look forward to the submission of new manuscripts and for any suggestions of future “Special Issues” (which can be made via email to the editorial office at ). We encourage you to share this announcement broadly with interested colleagues.

Co-Editors-in -Chief, APS
Huigen Yang, Ian Allison