Swedish icebreaker Oden "Swedish icebreaker Oden" (photo: Larry Larsson, U.S. Navy Photo, wikipedia) The Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC), a committee of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) seeks nominations for several new members willing to serve the Arctic scientific community in meeting these needs over a three-year term, starting in the fall of 2015.

The AICC serves a liaison function by providing oversight and advice to the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Division of Polar Sciences and to the U.S. Coast Guard for the purpose of enhancing scientific facilities and capabilities aboard their icebreaker fleet. The AICC solicits, synthesizes, and presents the needs of the Arctic science community to the Coast Guard and the NSF, fulfills an ombudsman role when necessary, and facilitates the efficient and effective execution of scientific research by U.S. icebreakers. The AICC also promotes new technology for Arctic research and its utilization on icebreaker facilities, and provides information to the scientific community to facilitate organization of research projects.

Nominees should have expertise in chemical, physical, biological or geological oceanography or meteorology; polar field experience, particularly icebreaker experience; and a record of conducting Arctic research. The disciplinary balance and expertise of the current Committee membership and diversity of institutional representation are additional considerations. Interested persons are invited to submit their applications to the UNOLS Office Applicants need not be U.S. citizens, but must be employed at an institution situated within the U.S.

Nomination and application packages that include curriculum vitae and a cover letter describing the nominee's field experience, Arctic research publication record, and expression of interest in the AICC's activities should be submitted via email to UNOLS.

For further information about the AICC, please click here.

 Or, contact: Lee Cooper, AICC Chair.