Logo of the Sustainable Development Working Group The Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND) invites you to submit a proposal for the following work:

Executive Secretary of the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group.

To secure one full-time resource to fulfill the responsibilities of the Executive Secretary of the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group.

The proposal must identify one 1 candidate under this RFP. The submission is to consist of a written proposal that facilitates a clear and straightforward evaluation based on the information requested. The candidate must include their current curriculum vitae (CV) in their Proposal. At a minimum, the candidate must have earned a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university. A copy of the university degree or an official transcript with the university seal must be provided.

The candidate must demonstrate, through their proposal, a minimum of five 5 years experience in the past ten 10 years providing strategic, logistical, administrative, and technological support. Consistent with the Statement of Work, this experience must include:

  • Providing strategic support and advice to advance organizational priorities and initiatives;
  • Managing communications to advance priorities in a multilateral environment with diverse perspectives;
  • Developing and ensuring the timely submission of professional, documents, including correspondence, briefings, presentations, reports, and outreach materials;
  • Planning and organizing multi-stakeholder meetings under a professional setting;
  • Managing and archiving of records and documents, including meeting and project documents;
  • Working with emerging technologies for promotional work, including experience with managing websites;
  • Demonstrated examples of interpersonal skills including working collaboratively with Indigenous Peoples or with culturally diverse groups of stakeholders;
  • Demonstrated examples of providing organizational efficiency and improving workflow;
  • Demonstrated examples of judgment and quality work in a multi-stakeholder setting

The candidate must include within their bid one (1) sample of their written work (maximum 1000 words).
The candidate must include within their bid one (1) completed M3 Reference Form, with affirmative responses. (Annex ''C'')
The candidate must include within their bid two (2) completed M4 Reference Forms, completed by two (2) impartial references. The form must affirm that the candidate satisfactorily managed a project of at least six (6) months in duration within the past five (5) years, with "yes" answers to each question. The Reference Forms must be for two separate projects. (Annex ''D'')

Application closes on 19 May 2015.

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