Michael E. GoodsiteProfessor Michael Evan Good Site has a background as an elite officer in the US Army and NATO, and today is climate expert and head of the Department of Technology and Innovation, SDU and an adjunct professor at the The University of Iceland as well as Director of the Nordic Center of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research NCoE NORD-STAR and head of the Sino-Nordic Arctic Policy Programme at ISDP, Sweden. His research aims to integrate sensible business and engineering adaptive management strategies as a means of addressing global climate change issues through mitigation, adaptation and environmental cost and risk analysis at the local governmental level, thus ensuring sustainable and secure adaptation of societies. His particular focus is on aligning societal prosperity while minimizing environmental impact in cities and remote areas. His current research efforts are with NATO and the US Army and focused on Green Defense.

In occasion of his two-days visit to Akureyri, Iceland, Dr. Goodsite will give a lecture at the University of Akureyri on: "Earth's resources are limited, and all know that we need to save energy and be better to use green technology. But it's probably not many people who know that the military can act as a catalyst for social change in the climate field. The large military bases are managed with a hierarchical structure that makes them ideal for testing new ideas, for example. in green technologies. New technologies are quickly introduced, tested and tried. The experience can be shared with the rest of society."

Michael Evan Goodsite's lecture will be on Tuesday, 14th April 2015, at the University of Akureyri, room N101. The lecture will be open for the public.