Cover of APSIn December 2014, Advances in Polar Science published a special issue focusing on "The Rapid Change of Arctic Sea Ice and its Possible Effects on High- and Mid-Latitude Weather and Climate(RCASI)". This special issue is based on submissions from scientists of China, Finland, Germany and Japan, altogether 12 manuscripts, 9 articles of which were released as expected, with the great guidance of three guest editors(Prof. Matti Leppäranta, Prof. Timo Vihma, Prof. Huiding Wu) and Prof. Bin Cheng. All articles can be downloaded in APS website (click here).

As we know, rapid changes of Arctic sea ice cover have been in the focus of the international climate research community in recent years. Quite a few of nations have completed a large number of related surveys and research projects in the Arctic Ocean. Improved knowledge on the atmosphere – sea ice – ocean interactions in the Arctic is a prerequisite for better understanding of the linkages between the Arctic and mid-latitude climate. These linkages have received increasing attention in the recent years with rapidly warming Arctic but several cold winters in mid-latitudes. We expect that the present special issue will provide a foundation for further research on these themes.