APECSThe Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is APECS is excited to announce that another leadership term has begun on 1 October 2014!

APECS Executive Committee 2014-2015.

APECS' seventh Executive Committee (ExCom) is now in place and ready to continue to shape the polar world:

  • Ivan Dubinenkov (Alfred-Wegener Institute, Germany)
  • Ruth Hindshaw (University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom)
  • Heather Mariash (McGill University, Canada)
  • Jean-Sébastien Moore (Université Lavel, Canada)
  • Tristy Vick-Majors (Montana State University, United States)

have been elected to form the ExCom, the main leadership body of APECS. Jennifer Provencher (Canada) and Yulia Zaika (Russia) will serve as ex-officios and support the new ExCom over the coming year. And of course, Gerlis Fugmann, the APECS Executive Director will continue to support and foster the group from the directorate office in Tromsø, Norway.

More information on the APECS 2014-2015 Executive Committee can be found here: http://www.apecs.is/en/about-apecs/leadership/executive-commitee/2014-2015
APECS President 2014-2015:

With a new term, comes a new president, and this year Jean-Sébastien Moore will be taking on this role. Jean-Sébastien is a postdoc at Laval University in Québec City. He has been doing research in the Canadian Arctic since 2008 working on Arctic char, an important fish for the Inuit people. His current research integrates the use of genomic tools with acoustic telemetry to track the migrations of commercially exploited stocks of char. He has been involved with APECS for several years, first as a founding board member of APECS Canada, as an APECS Council member, and as an ExCom vice-president in 2013-2014.

APECS Council 2014-2015:

This year the APECS council is made up of 23 very enthusiastic members from 11 countries: Jennifer Balmer (USA), Erik Behrens (New Zealand), Roxanne Beltran (USA), Alice Bradley (USA), Archana Dayal (India), Rachel Downey (Germany), Francyne Elias Peira (Spain), Ellyn Enderlin (USA), Dave Grant (USA), Laura Elena Kelvin (Canada), Alia Khan (USA), Minkyoung Kim (South Korea), Elena Kuznetsova (Norway), Michael Laiho (UK), Sílvia Lourenco (Portugal), Adam Naito (USA), Hanne Nielsen (Australia), Daria Shapovalova (UK), Laura Fleming-Sharp (USA), Zuzanna Swirad (UK), Anna Varfolomeeva (Russia/Hungary), Amanda Winegardner (Canada), Scott Zolkos (Canada)

Additionally, Russell Fielding (USA), Christie Logvinova (USA / Russia), Allen Pope (USA), Kim Jochum (USA), Silje-Kristin Jensen (Norway), Tosca Ballerini (France), and Mariette Wheeler (South Africa) remain on the Council in ex-officio roles.

More information on the APECS 2014-2015 Council can be found here: http://www.apecs.is/en/about-apecs/leadership/council/2014-2015

We once again thank the many APECS leaders that have come before us and have helped guide and foster many of those serving today! We look forward to another year with the projects that are currently underway, and continue to look for more ways that we can serve and help early career polar researchers around the world.