(Logo: Canadian Polar Commission)The Canadian Polar Commission has released a new report on the state of northern knowledge in Canada that analyses the significant gains made since the beginning of International Polar Year 2007 with the view to determining today´s high – level research opportunities.

The report was released in Yellowknife. It is built on semi – structured interviews with 114 northern subject matter experts, two – third of thirds of them resident in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Nunatsiavt and Nunavik.

The report was corroborated through an extensive survey of peer-reviewed literature and reinforced by further expert consultation during the 18-month study.

The Canadian Polar Commission (CPC) is Canada's national institution for furthering polar knowledge and awareness. The report was produced under its mandate to monitor and report to Canadians on the state of knowledge of the Polar Regions.

Click here to download the report.