Britt Bohlin, new Secretary General of the Nordic Council.Britt Bohlin, Governor of Jämtland, Sweden, will be the new Secretary General of the Nordic Council from the beginning of the new year. She will thus become the Council´s highest ranking official, working at the Secretariat in Copenhagen.

As Secretary General of the Nordic Council, Britt Bohlin will help to put current and future issues on the Nordic parliamentary agenda. She will be the head of the staff at the Secretariat in Copenhagen and the expectation from the Nordic Council's current President, Marit Nybakk, is that she will be very effective in her relationship with the Nordic governments' co-operation in the Nordic Council of Ministers.

"I expect that Britt Bohlin will lead the Nordic Council into a new era", says Marit Nybakk and adds that she is confident that Britt Bohlin is the right person for the job.

Before being appointed Governor of Jämtland County in 2008, Britt Bohlin was a Social Democrat MP for 20 years, first as defense and security politician, and then as the Social Democrat parliamentary group spokesperson for eight years. With a background in health care, she also has many years' experience as a trade union leader in the Municipal Workers' Union.

"Britt Bohlin has a solid political background and has shown leadership with impressive results", says Marit Nybakk, who was the one who banged the gavel on the table when the Nordic Council Presidium's took the decision on the new Secretary General at the end of its recent meeting.

As Governor in Jämtland Britt Bohlin has been deeply involved in the border issues between Norway and Sweden, and she claims to have experienced co-operation between the two countries as good and intense.

"So I will now have the awe-inspiring and exciting opportunity to work with all the Nordic countries and with the parliaments who have been developing and strengthening our part of the world. I am honored, happy and humbled by the task", says Britt Bohlin.