Jan Ekman in Alta "Few of us anglers will ever get to fish the storied Alta, but this charming report helps fill that void. Seven Nights on the Alta is truly a story of love – of man and rivers, of the noble Atlantic salmon, and ultimately of untrammeled nature. I promise, once you begin you will read it through, and think again about saving the salmon, and all those other rivers that enhance our lives."

Paul Volcker

There are many classic Atlantic salmon rivers each with its own unique history, but there is only one that can said to be 'first among equals' — the Alta River in northern Norway.

The Alta's primeval gorge setting, legendary monster salmon and exclusive status have given it has an almost mythical reputation around the world.

Fishing the Alta is the stuff of dreams.This dream certainly came true for Jan Ekman in 1983 as described in his wonderful fishing diary book called Seven Nights on the Alta. Written in Swedish however, this book — like the Alta — has been out of the reach of most anglers — until now! At last an English version has been published.

Jan was prompted to write the book due to what he believed was the imminent destruction of the river as a result of a hydro power project. It is based around a diary of seven nights of fishing the river in July 1983.

This new English edition is richly illustrated by Jan's own photographs and the book has a wonderful feel of 'time gone past'. That said, many of the issues are still being debated, or have been replaced by even more pressing ones.

Thankfully the doomsday prophesies in the book have been averted; as a matter of fact, the Alta has had some of its best years ever recently. That's not to say that we can relax.

It is only over the past few years that we have seen any form of improvement in stocks and the survival of the Atlantic salmon as a species is far from guaranteed. There is a lot of work still to be done, and for that reason I'm delighted and grateful that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards supporting NASF's work throughout the North Atlantic.

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Seven Night on the Alta