The Outlook for Strategic Competition in the Semiconductor Industry

Monday, Dec. 12 // 2–3:00 pm (ET)

Growing strategic competition between China and the United States is manifesting itself clearly in the semiconductor industry. Alongside attempts to diversify its semiconductor supply chain away from Taiwan, the US is also trying to slow the development of China’s national semiconductor industry. Recent export controls announced by the Biden administration have already begun to have an effect on China’s industry, and more actions are expected to follow.

Join us for an expert discussion of Americas semiconductor supply chain and the current state of US-China competition.

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G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century

Monday, Dec. 12 // 4–5:30 pm (ET)

Now known as one of the great villains of the 20th century, Hoover was once among the most influential—and popular—men in American politics and government. Gage examines his complex legacy and its implications for the present day.

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The Law and Politics of Neutrality: A Comparative Analysis Amidst Resurging Russian Revanchism

Tuesday, Dec. 13 // 10–11:00 am (ET)

In his presentation, Benedikt Harzl will look into the evolving meaning and place of neutrality in light of international law and international relations in the transatlantic realm. Looking for the structural and systemic factors informing these differences, the talk will explore three different concepts—Austria, Belarus, the past and present situation of Finland—and will highlight the modern facets of neutrality and non-alignment, not least to discuss some possible conclusions for the case of Ukraine.

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Building a More Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain Through US-ROK Cooperation

Wednesday, Dec. 14 // 10–11:00 am (ET)

Join us for this online discussion to assess the outlook for Korea’s semiconductor industry and how the Biden and the Yoon administrations could work together in high-tech industries for building resilient supply chains, strengthening their global competitiveness, and fostering more effective cooperation through the enhancement of public-private partnerships.

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200 Years of US-Mexico Bilateral Relations: An Ambassadorial Perspective

Wednesday, Dec. 14 // 1:30–3:00 pm (ET)

In recognition of the upcoming bicentennial anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico, join the Mexico Institute for a discussion with former US and Mexican ambassadors to discuss their experiences in the practice of diplomacy and their applicability for the future of the bilateral relationship.

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EVs and Green Transport and the US-South Korea Partnership

Thursday, Dec. 15 // 10–11:00 am (ET)

What are the prospects for bilateral cooperation at the national level, and what is the outlook for private-public cooperation in developing the green transportation industry? How much should US trade and tax legislation favor US industries over those of allies? This panel will focus on economic competitiveness and cooperation in the context of the US-ROK alliance.

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