The Italian Society for International Organization - SIOI UNA Italy and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - UNICRI are pleased to present the sixth edition of the Winter School on Environmental Crimes which will be delivered online from November 21 to 25, 2022.

The Course provides a fundamental understanding of what environmental crimes are and of how law enforcement bodies and judicial systems are responding. The existing international legal framework will be examined with a view to improve participants’ ability to address the issue in a comprehensive way and promote their role as advocates for an effective change in public policies, strategies and practices.

More specifically, the curriculum of the course may focus on:

  • Environment and geopolitics;
  • The concept of environmental protection and its evolution;
  • Existing international legal frameworks to prevent crimes against the environment;
  • Links between environmental crimes and COVID-19;
  • Involvement of organized criminal groups in environmental crimes, with a specific focus on trafficking of natural resources;
  • Waste trafficking and its impact on human health and security;
  • Wildlife crimes;
  • Risk analysis of environmental crimes;
  • Environmental conflicts and justice;
  • Individual, corporate and State accountability for environmental crimes.

The Winter School offers professional, legal, social, scientific and academic perspectives through live webinars, group discussions, dynamic case studies, individual readings, and practical exercises.

The faculty is composed of leading scholars and academics from leading universities, representatives of the United Nations system, the international human rights bodies and the civil society.

For further information about the programme and the registration procedure.

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