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Arctic Tectonics and Volcanism

The course addresses the diverse geological history of the Arctic region, including both onshore and offshore regions from Paleozoic to recent times. It focuses on the interplay of plate tectonics and volcanism and explores some of the outstanding region-by-region case studies/questions within the Arctic research community. Based in the gateway to the Arctic, Svalbard, the course will be complemented by field excursions examining the well exposed outcrops and specifically the igneous rocks emplaced over large parts of the Svalbard archipelago. Registration deadline is April 15.


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Kjell Henriksen Observatory

Kjell Henriksen Observatory in Svalbard is an optical observatory located at the archipelago Svalbard 1000 km north of mainland Norway. Here more than 25 optical instruments as well as other non-optical instruments, are employed for research on the middle- and upper atmosphere.

This is one of 2 infrastructures located in Svalbard and only one operated by Norway.


Student highlight

Internship Stories: Emil´s Experience at the International Secretariat

Emil Hyttel, our former intern from Aalborg University in Denmark, talks about his experience at the International Secretariat in Rovaniemi.

"I was a part of the communications team and my main tasks involved working on the UArcitc website, writing articles and posting on different social media channels – with a lot of other projects in between."

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