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Dear readers, dear Friends,

The 15th issue of our Online Magazine is now out!

We are happy to announce that with this November issue we are closing another year together and, a lot of novelties are coming, not forgetting the new entries!

But with this message we want to spread our initiative foreseen for next week, our Annual Seminar, the Regional Funds Week: It is an experiment of merging our two Funds, comprehending our Fund for Regional Cooperation “brother”. As you will have the chance to see, the Projects have put together their efforts, not only to present the results achieved, but also to start thinking about possible ways to cooperate. We will send you further details soon since we want you all to participate!

But right after that, we, together with our Projects, will start thinking about future activities and initiatives, starting from the 2022 European Year of Youth. As you know, we are always searching for good external collaboration, and we believe this could be a great opportunity, related to the main target group of our Fund.

Linked to that, please go and see our November’s theme: “Unemployed young disabled persons and unemployed young women”.

We always try to present creative issues, but his is a reach one. And, as said…,
stay tuned for next details about our Regional Funds Week!