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Date: 26th - 27th November 2020

Place: Saint-Petersburg, Russia


On 27th November, the Online Technical Visit to Petersburg Oil Terminal will be held within the event. Virtual guided tour around the terminal will be available for all Conference participants.

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Why is Petersburg Oil Terminal worth visiting?

  • A large-scale revamp of the terminal is ahead – equipment replacement, construction of a transshipment complex for light petroleum products (mainly gasoline and components), new scaffoldings with hermetic discharge, applying petroleum steam traps and recuperators are planned. Overall project investment exceeds $100 million!
  • In December 2019, the system of accelerated discharge of high velocity fuel oils applying steam-jacketed carriages was adopted. In May 2020, construction of the fourth 40-thousand tank was completed.
  • The Online Technical Visit will provide opportunities not only to see major units and facilities, but to pose questions to company’s top managers, including the Chief Engineer Yuriy Katorgin.

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