International Day

The 6th of February the Sámi peoples in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia celebrate their Sámi National Day. The Sámi National Day has been celebrated for 30 years or since 1993 on this date to commemorate the first Sámi congress held in Trondheim, Norway in 1917.

The day is celebrated by raising the Sámi flag with its bright colors of red, green, yellow and blue and the two circles which represent the sun and moon. In some countries, the national flag of the country is raised alongside the Sámi flag. While the flags are raised the song of the Sámi peoples is sung in the regional Sámi dialect.

General information

The Sámi peoples (saami) or Sápmi, are an indigenous group inhabiting the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and parts of Russia (Kola Peninsula). With a rich cultural heritage and a deep connection to the Arctic landscape, the Sámi have thrived in one of the world's harshest environments for centuries.

The Sámi peoples are not a homogenous group, but rather a collection of diverse communities, each with its distinct language, traditions, and way of life. The Sámi languages, including Northern, Lule, Southern, Inari, and Skolt Sámi, reflect this diversity.

Traditionally, the Sámi have been nomadic reindeer herders, relying on the animals for sustenance and as a central element of their cultural identity.

Sámi Culture & Languages

The Sámi are renowned for their expertise in reindeer herding, utilizing every part of the animal for sustenance and craftmanship. Reindeer meat finds its way into their culinary traditions, while leather and fur are transformed into durable shoes and clothing. Antlers and bones, integral components of their resourcefulness, are fashioned into practical tools and ornamental objects. In addition to their mastery of reindeer herding, the Sámi display proficiency in fishing and sheep herding.

Their traditional languages belong to the Sámi language group, classified within the broader Uralic language fimily.

Efforts to preserve and revitalize Sámi culture are underway, with a focus on language revitalization, traditional craftmanship, and storytelling. Contemporary Sámi artists express their cultural identity through various mediums, contributing to a global understanding of the richness and diversity of indigenous cultures.


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