The purpose of the Convention sets out the ability of the IWC to establish regulations "such as are necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of the Convention and to provide for the conservation, development, and optimum utilization of whale resources. "The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling was signed in 1946 and it is the International Whaling Commission’s founding document (IWC). The Convention includes a legally binding Schedule which, amongst other things, sets out catch limits for commercial and aboriginal subsistence whaling. The Schedule is an integral part of the Convention, but its provisions, for example, catch limits, may be amended by the Commission. In practice, amendments to the Schedule are almost always agreed at the Commission’s Annual Meeting" ( All the Arctic States are part of the Convention, but Canada, by note of June 24, 1981, gave notice of Canada's withdrawal from the Convention effective June 30, 1982.



Status of the Convention

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