Arctic OpenIn the game of golf clear eyesight and good visualization is needed in order to find your way to the "finishing line" in golf, the hole. Therefore a game of midnight golf seems an unlikely prospect to many enthusiasts and few golfers have experienced this delight. However in the Arctic, where the Arctic sun keeps the night as day it is possibility to play the game of golf all day and all night long. However, at the high latitudes, there are few golf courses due to the fact that the harsh climate does not offer any or little support that sustains large green areas that are needed for the game of golf. But still you can find golf courses that survive at the high latitudes in the harsh Arctic and sub Arctic area.

In Akureyri in Northern Ieland, at the latitude of 65°41´N and the longitude of 18°06´W is a 18 hole golf course that prides itself of being the Northernmost 18 hole golf course in the world, making it possible to play the game all night long during the summertime, when the midnight sun lightens up the golf course, naturally.

Playing golf during the night at Arctic OpenThe Akureyri Golf Club in northern Iceland was founded in 1935 and is the home to the Arctic Open Golf Tournament, which is played under the midnight sun at Midsummer Day. The Arctic Open Tournament was first held in 1986 and Players do not have to worry about darkness cramping their style because the sun barely dips below the horizon.

The Arctic Open is an international event which attracts golfers from various parts of the world. Highest number of international players so far is 120 participants and is said to "probably the most renowned tournaments held in Iceland"

So if you cannot fulfill your golfing desires during the day, visiting the 18 hole golf course in Akureyri and participating in the Arctic Open midnight sun tournament might do the trick for you. Along the way you can take part in the Volcano Open (unfortunately only played during the day), held in the southern most part part in Iceland, at the Westman Islands, which is an Volcanic Island that erupted last in 1973.

For further information about the Arctic Open Golf Tournament and Volcano Open.

Arctic Open evening

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