(Photo: the Arctic Portal) Tromso during the winterUniversity of Tromso in northern Norway has now announced the establishment of new Law of the Sea center.

Global climate change and melting sea ice, offers more and more opportunities for international transportation networks.

Notably, the trend of receding ice cap around the North Pole could possibly make the Arctic more reliable for scheduled navigation, at least during the summer months.

Asia's and EU's increased interest in the Arctic will likely enlarge the group of the Arctic Council Observers at the upcoming meeting in Kiruna, northern Sweden on May 15th.

Last Friday, the representatives of Tromso University announced the establishment of a dedicated center for research on questions related to the law of the sea and other juridical topics regarding the role of international and national jurisdictions in the Arctic.

Fifteen experts on Arctic issues and Law of the Seas will be working with the new center. The Fridtjof Nansen Institute is a partner. Funding comes from the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation, also branding the name of the new initiative; KG Jebsen Center for Ocean Law.

Professor Tore Henriksen with the Law faculty at the University of Tromsø will be the head of the new canter.


University of Tromso