(Photo: the Arctic Portal) Northern IcelandMarine and Coastal Culture Tourism in Northern Territories - Akureyri Iceland - 18-19th June

A conference that will focus on the fishing environment in northern territories will take place in the University of Akureyri, 18-19 June 2013. The conference is organised by the Stefansson Arctic Institute in collaboration with the University of Akureyri Research Centre, NORA, the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre, Norwegian Seafood Centre and the Icelandic Lighthouse Society.

Marine and coastal culture tourism is growing in popularity in various ways. Some tourists want to learn about life in coastal villages, experience nature and tranquility as well as the wilderness. Others want to experience the excitement of driving charter boats, diving, surfing, go speedboating or hiring a boat and try their luck at fishing. Then there are those who want to sail from port to port and country to country on board gigantic cruise ships.

How does this fit in with cultural heritage, everyday life, social development, self sufficiency, fishing quotas and environmental policies of the Nordic nations? How can the Nordic nations collaborate in this area? Do these diverse aspects of tourism have collaborative opportunities? These challenges will be discussed at the conference where further questions will be pondered through group work and perhaps more answers and collaborative possibilites found.

(Photo: the Arctic Portal) Skogafoss in the south of Iceland

The main workshop themes will be how we meet the challenges of:

• The development of marine and coastal culture tourism in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

• Opportunities and threats, self sufficiency and environment – the effect of marine and coastal culture tourism and the image of the Northern Territories.

• In what areas can we collaborate?

There will also be excursions where tourism related businesses and museums will be visited.

See the conference program.

The conference is open to all but registration is needed for planning purposes.

Registration deadline: 10 May 2013

Conference fee: ISK 12000 / DKK 545

Registration & hotel bookings (limited vacancy): , tel. +354 4600600

For further information contact Sigurbjörg Árnadóttir: .


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