(Photo: Nature Gate)NatureGate mobile app version 2 has been launched and is now available now for iOS and Android devices.

NatureGate service is based on a worldwide patented species identification tool, enabling you to find fascinating information about hundreds of wild species together with thousands of superb images captured by top photographers. You can view and search for species in various ways – for instance using their English names, their scientific names, or by genus or family.

Their unique identification tools also help you to get to know new species. They make the task of discovering new species easy, fast and fun. Try one of these tools right now! Choose a species group, and find out how to identify unfamiliar flowers, trees and shrubs, birds, butterflies or fish.

NatureGate is a global gate to the nature. The web and mobile services are already available in eight languages. Educational material including interactive games tailored for different age groups from elementary school children to academic students is in the pilot phase. NatureGate mainly works in eight languages. Many of our featured species can be found right around the world. Our multilingual web services can benefit millions of people interested in nature, wherever they happen to be.

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