Northern Research ForumThe global climate change is by scientists predicted to have great environmental and socio-economic impacts in the whole Arctic as well as in northern Europe. There will be direct and indirect impacts on nature and on communities as well as uncertainties. In addition, global warming is predicted to accelerate off-shore oil and gas drilling in the Northern icy seas and open a new (global) sailing route from the North Atlantic Ocean through the Arctic Ocean to the eastern parts of the globe.

Northern Research Forum in cooperation with the ESPON-ENECON project organizes international conference: „Climate Change in Northern Territories'' that will take place in Akureyri 22 – 23 of August 2013.

The event will bring early career researchers together for an open dialogue on issues of Northern and global relevance, to work with senior mentors, and to develop international and interdisciplinary collaborations.


All NRF Young Researchers (YR) are required to participate in the Open Assembly from August 21st – 23rd. Each YR will make a presentation and provide a written final version (word document) of the presentation to the NRF for publication in the conference proceedings.

Each YR is required to electronically submit his/her paper by the 15th of April 2013 as well as publishing permissions for the NRF if selected as a YR (each selected YR will be provided the opportunity to finalize their papers after the Assembly if they prefer a different version be published in the conference proceedings). Each YR will write and orally present session summaries and actively participate in the assembly open dialogue and the post assembly evaluation.

Please, access the NRF website for more information and to register for the event. The registration deadline is 1st of April.


Northern Research Forum