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Today, 12th of March 2013, the 4th Polar Shipping Summit takes place in Montreal, Canada. The Polar Shipping Summit has been an annual even to summarize the past year of Polar navigation.

The forum brings together Arctic experts from North America, Asia and Europe to share their experience and views on the best solutions for the current operational challenges as well as the strategy and most up to day technical solutions and current operational challenges of navigation in the polar waters.

The policy makers, government officials and senior Arctic representatives explain policy and regulatory changes for the upcoming years and promote understanding for the strategy for the economic development for the Northern hemisphere.

This year's event will touch upon policy and regulatory challenges and considerations of Canadian short sea shipping in the Arctic, Arctic northern Sea Route and effective voyage planning, ice breaking operation in the North, satellite and port communications , crew training and many more.

Delegates are drawn from the shipping operators, owners, coast guards and transport authorities, consultants, researchers and brokers. The event is open for public to attend. Registration starts on Tuesday, 12th of March 2013. For more information, please access the conference website.



4th Polar Shipping Summit