(Photo: mbl.is/Ómar Óskarsson) Icelandic Coast Guard vessel came just on time

Last night the Icelandic Coast Guard received an emergency call from the oak boat Þistilfjörður that was sailing through waters in the northern part of the country.

Emergency call was answered by the rescue vessel Þór that had just left the shipyard in Akureyri – northern Iceland, and was just about to conduct a patrolling mission.

After receiving the emergency call from the crew, the rescue vessel was quick to arrive together with the helicopter that was sent from the capital city of Iceland – Reykjavik.

According to the Icelandic Coast Guard the weather conditions were very difficult for ship to operate. Beside the difficult weather conditions, the pumps did not work properly what caused the sea slowly flowing into the latter.

Luckily, the motors did not switch off and after conducting the rescue operation, the boat could sail back to the shore with the Þór's assistance and supervision.

It was the first rescue operation of Þór, after the vessel arrived from Chile in late 2011.