(Photo: the Arctic Portal) First policy session of the Arctic Frontiers 2013

New opportunities create new challenges. The present and close future creates the challenge of how to explore, develop and manage the great resources of the Arctic Region. New commercial activities and growing business community, together with democratic dynamics are to alter long time established social structures in the Arctic Region.

Non – Arctic Asian and European states and organizations increase their interest in the Arctic.

Policy session of the 7th Arctic Frontiers conference, that takes place in Tromso, northern Norway, addresses the contemporary and emerging political issues for the changing Arctic. How do states in and outside the region prepare strategically for the new Arctic reality?

How does the global security architecture impact on security in the Arctic? How important is Arctic oil and gas production for global demand and the energy security of various states? How will traditional businesses interact with new industry, and if and how will profits from industrial activities benefit the people living in the High North.

Those questions will be answered during the first two days of the 7th Arctic Frontiers that are taking place in Tromso, northern part of Norway. The conference will last until the 25th of January. It is divided into policy and science sessions. The policy sessions will be held today and tomorrow while the scientists will present their research during the next three days.

For more information, please be referred to the conference website.


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