(Map: Arctic Portal) Click on the picture to access the Interactive Data MapToday, the 4th of December, Arctic Transportation Infrastructure Response and Capacity and Sustainable Development in the Arctic workshop brings together aviation and maritime specialists from eight Arctic states in order to discuss gaps in infrastructure around the remote Arctic.

Two separated groups, during two hours sessions try to create terms that are going to be used internationally in future AMATII database. What is more, maritime and aviation working groups try to find the answer on what legal, regulatory and fiscal mechanisms facilitate inter-modal infrastructure investment.

Mrs Sarah Barton, facilitator for maritime working group and Mr James Hemsath for the aviation will review and summarize team's efforts in order to communicate the outcome to international and regional policy makers.

Later today, participants will have a chance to view and evaluate the Arctic Port and Airport Database and web-based interactive map, which is the primary deliverable of this project. Subject matter expert input will help refine and strengthen this tool.

The workshop will end with an interactive plenary session, discussing next steps and outlining areas of consideration for a Guidance Document, a deliverable for this Arctic Council project.

The Conference will continue daily until Thursday. Please click here to see the conference program.


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