Kid outside during winterComputer giant Google has launched a project to preserve over 3000 dying languages. The Endangered Languages Project is backed by a coalition of international scholars and linguists.

Many of the languages are in the Arctic.

"Of the 7,000 languages currently spoken, it is expected that 50 percent will not survive the turn of the century. And when the last fluent speaker of a language dies, that unique language could be lost forever. Google hopes to change that with this latest initiative," read a statement.

Users are encouraged to upload video, audio, or text files of rare dialects at the main website "Once they sign up they will be able to customize their profile page, upload material and add comments to the site," according to Jason Rissman from Google.

"The main goal of the site is language preservation; average citizens can help this cause by raising awareness in their local communities."

The project is supported by Google's philanthropic arm,, but is a collaboration with the First People's Cultural Council and the Institute for Language Information and Technology at Eastern Michigan University, who will takeover the project in the coming months.

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