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Images)Governments of eight Arctic states agreed on closer cooperation with regards to search and rescue operations on the Arctic waters.

Representatives from Ministries of Defense from Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden and United States met at the Canadian military base in Goose Bay later last week to discuss further cooperation in the High North.

It was the first time that northern chiefs of defense had an opportunity to meet. Gen. Walter Natynczyk, Chief of the Canadian Defence Staff, said after the meeting that he was very pleased with the discussions amongst the eight generals: "Certainly what we saw was a great sense of a spirit of co-operation amongst everyone. We were able to gain an understanding of the unique challenges each faces with regards to emergency response and for support to our civilian authorities".

It was decided that from now on, the representatives of eight Arctic states will meet annually to discuss defense, search and rescue issues in the High North.

Source: Barents Observer

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