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Map of the Dreki area

Three offers were submitted for search of oil in the Dreki Area. Icelanders are part of them all.

There are high hopes for the Dreki Area and all points to oil being in the Jan Mayen ridge. A part of the area is in Icelandic waters.
The first invitation to bid in the search was three years ago. Two offers were submitted now. Icelanders are happy three offers were submitted midst in the crisis.
The offers are from Eykon, an unregistered company in Iceland. It looks at the project as one for the future. "We have international sponsors with us but we are doing the ground work. These partners are experienced in searching for oil in similar circumstances as in Jan Mayen," Heiðar Már Guðjónsson from Eykon said.

The next offer is from Faroe Petroleum and Íslenskt Kolvetni ehf. Faroe is a 15 year old company based in Scotland, with a staff of 50. It explores the British, Norwegian and the Faroese waters.

The last one is from Valiant Petroleum og Kolvetni ehf. "Valiant, and Faroe Petroleum, are big companies so this is very positive," Gunnlaugur Jónsson from Kolvetni ehf. said.

The chief of the National Energy Authority in Iceland was excited about the result. "These are three companies with knowledge in the area. This is a very good result and goes beyond our biggest expectations," Jóhannesson said.

The minister of energy in Iceland said that the best possible result of the oil search would that very high income would be a reality in Iceland, for a short time, in about 10 years' time.
The National Energy Authority will answer the bidders before the end of November.