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Foggy peak in Uummannaq, Greenland (Photo: Lawrence Hislop - is rising from the sea. A new study released on Friday shows a startling revelation to scientists who study global warming.

Scientist from Ohio State University used a network of high profile GPS stations to measure the uplift. The results show that the rate of ice loss has accelerated in southern Greenland by 100 billion tons.

Michael Bevis led the exploration. "Pulses of extra melting and uplift imply that we'll experience pulses of extra sea level rise," he said about the results.

This means the sea has risen and splashed further, and with more power, on the ice which then melts faster. He states that this is partly due to global warming.

Previous studies have recorded measurements indicating that as that ice melted away, the bedrock beneath it rose. In some places the land rose 5cm in only 5 months. The medium rise was 0.5 cm.


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